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portland variety
portland variety

We’ve arrived at that seasonal transformation when we can justify drinking iced coffees and choosing the patio over dining-in.

Hence, we feel it’s only fitting to introduce you to a neighbourhood favourite of ours: Portland Variety at the corner of King and Portland.



Along the King West strip we’ve seen a remarkable (and totally inspiring) trend towards brand and lifestyle-centric design take over, like an urban ripple effect. No two food and beverage establishment are the same. As those taking in the space, we are expecting a distinct multi-sensory experience. We make decisions about where we spend time based on our connection to the experience, concurrently, the aesthetic that works to galvanize that experience.


Portland Variety exemplifies the fusion of architecture and food culture that thrives in the heart of King West. Spending time there, as men with a design background, we appreciate the contrasting visual play between traditional soul and modern aesthetic; with beautiful blue and white Mexican pottery and rustic wooden floors juxtaposed by the Portland Variety signature accent yellow awnings and seating. It’s incredibly fresh, yet warm and nostalgic. Props to them for acknowledging the area’s historic roots combined with an eclectic Spanish flair.

portland variety

The Portland Variety Intersections...

Work x Play

It’s a perfect place to hold a small business lunch, but also a great brunch date locale.

Day x Night

Portland Variety ambience transforms daily from an early morning caffeine drop-in spot, to a casual lunch and margarita afternoon patio, and late night tapas on one of the most vibrant streets in Toronto.

Photography Cred: Dustin Newhook

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