Toronto Fashion Experts Talk Socks


There’s a good chance you’re pulling  socks out of the drawer that you’ve had for a number of years, washed a thousand times, and are about as interesting as, well, an old pair of socks.

If you think about it, everyday of your life, you’re putting on socks (Ok, maybe this doesn’t apply to our Californian friends!).  But have you ever really stopped to consider the important supporting role your socks play in your entire outfit?  Are you trying to tell the world that you’ve given up and just can’t be bothered anymore? That’s no way to live! If you’re aspiring to be the best version of yourself possible, then you really can’t be wearing such nondescript socks on your feet.



  • Don’t wear white socks outside of the gym. No brainer.

  • Black goes with everything. Well, not exactly.

  • Match your pants and your socks. Getting warmer, but, yawn.

If you want to really take your style to the next level, start from the ground, or feet, up: a collection of socks in a variety of textures, colours, and patterns will have you covered for every situation no matter the pant, the shoe, or occasion.

Here’s the added bonus–people notice details in an outfit, like a memorable pair of socks.

People perceive that a guy who is rocking a bright colour or a fun pattern around his ankles is cool and confident. He’s bold, and isn't afraid to stand out and do something different. Nobody is walking up to the guy in black socks and saying “Love the black socks. That’s a truly savvy sartorial choice.”



So let’s get you out of this sock rut, once and for all. These 3 savvy sock tips will get you pointed in the right direction:

1. Curate a range of socks that go from subtle and classic, to out-there and bright.


“Cool” doesn't have to mean becoming that “sock guy” who is always wearing quirky bright yellow socks. It gets old fast and is an obvious ploy for attention. Mix it up. Find a few socks that will punch things up for times when you want to stand out, but have a few pairs of understated and subtle socks where your style can hang back and chill a bit.

2. Work with the colour palette in the rest of your outfit

Let’s say you’re wearing navy pants. Then wear socks with a pattern that includes navy. If you’re wearing a nice smokey grey pant, go with a classic pattern like grey stripes for a monochromatic look. For a bold look, think complimentary colours–like orange with those navy pants. Easy. The key here is relationship. Make sure your socks relate to the rest of your outfit. You want your pants and socks to be friends, not sworn enemies competing for attention from the rest of the world.

3. Build your collection

Once you’ve got a feel for what works, start building your collection. There’s no reason for you to ever wear socks that are worn out or have holes in them. Having a full and diverse collection of great socks means you never have to worry about digging through your laundry in the morning before work, or worse, before a hot date. No dignified man should be doing that. And the best part? Socks are a whole lot cheaper than building up that custom Bond-chic suit collection you’re dreaming of.  

Socks really can be an inspirational part of your day. Choosing a sock that feels fun and right for your day can put a spring in your step and give you a boost of confidence that can take you from wallflower to rock star in a matter of seconds.

Photography Cred: Dustin Newhook & Ethan Bender


Kylie & Jonathan are Toronto's Male and Female Personal Style and Image Consulting Team. Dedicated to empowering the personal and business lives of clients, they align client clothing with personality, lifestyle, and professional goals. They believe that looking your best is crucial to feeling your best, which leads to greater confidence, performance, and life satisfaction.



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