"Into the Woods" Styled 3 Ways


It’s always exciting to get stuff in the mail.

Even though it can seem old fashioned in our high tech world, there’s nothing quite like the surprise of getting a package delivered with your name on it. And when you get your monthly design from King x Portland, you know you’re going automatically level up your style (unlike those socks you get from your mom at Christmas). But once you’ve got this month’s design in your hands, your next question may be, “What the heck do I wear with these?”

If you’re not sure how to answer that question, or just looking for some new ideas, we’ve got 3 inspirational looks on how you can bring “the Woods” into the city.



For those patio days and nights, June’s design adds some understated flare when paired with jeans and sneaks. The forest green plays well with navy, and the linear dot pattern compliments both the green in the classic Stan Smith’s, and the dots representing the Adidas Three Stripes. A clean cuff in the jeans finishes the leg of the pant, while simultaneously showing off the socks.

2. Cool and Casual

Keeping things simple up top, let the socks talk. 

This monotonic look of beige and white brings out the socks on the bottom paired with whiskey coloured loafers for a casual, preppy look. Particularly great for the summer time when going out to events or meetings where showing your bare ankles may be a little too...scandalous.

3. The Business of Summer

For a more elevated look, pair the sock with oxfords and dress pants. The rich, chocolaty browns on these oxfords complement the green in the socks, while the subtle plaid in the grey trousers keeps the overall look interesting, all while letting the socks really shine. Throw on a blazer or a tie for business meetings in the office...or all those summer weddings that keep taking up your Saturdays.

Photography Cred: Ashley Klassen

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