The Sock Subscription Perfect From Office to Happy Hour


The Model

Brennan Michael

Perfumer and Candlemaker

The Sock

The Standard

Toe cap polka dot
Cream x Rose x Slate

We’re a seasonally-inspired sock company.

And in a town like Toronto, where every season makes a strong impression, our designs reflect the same bold take on these different times of year.

And when the seasons are as distinct as they are in Toronto, you need styles that fit for every month. At KxP, our subscription service provides you with bold, attractive sock designs and general style tips so you can look sharp all year round.


This month’s model, Toronto-based perfumer and candlemaker Brennan Michael, shares our dedication to great style. When Brennan creates new fragrances, he places a great deal of importance on the details. There’s so much creative possibility in one small change, experimentation can’t help but lead to unique results. In this respect, we share a deep passion.

I appreciate the curation and detail of the subscription service.

We also share a love for Toronto, particularly our namesake street corner, home to ambitious start-ups and an electric nightlife. So, it only makes sense that Brennan’s path would cross with King x Portland. “I appreciate the curation and detail of the subscription service,” he says. “Locally designed, comfortable, breathable: the socks are a great conversation piece,” he adds.

The same goes for Brennan’s fragrances and candles. In particular, Brennan Michael’s eau de parfum unisex fragrance resonates with KxP’s philosophy behind sock design. Comfortable and accessible, with a style that fits from the office until happy hour, its versatility is complemented by its bold appeal to the senses. As well, both Brennan’s and our products are meticulously designed so you can wear great style without having to labour over it yourself.

“Locally designed, comfortable, breathable: the socks are a great conversation piece.”

Even for a personal look as minimalist as Brennan’s, both his fragrances and KxP’s subscription socks show you only need to add a bit to your style to make an attractive impression.