Why KxP's Sock of the Month Club is the perfect gift for 'The Hard To Buy For'


We need to talk about that person on your list who “has everything.”

They don’t (probably). In fact, there’s a gift that’s perfect for them. One that keeps on giving. Every month, in fact.

KxP’s sock subscription gives people stylish, comfortable footwear that surprises and delights with its unique seasonal designs. Even for someone who’s hard to buy gifts for, here are a few reasons why a monthly sock subscription will give them the warm and fuzzies, on their feet and in their hearts.


Original, but accessible

When someone’s hard to buy for, you’re worried about getting something that shows too little thought, or is so specific that you completely miss the mark. This is where KxP shines. Rather than being a clichéd uninspired gift, the wide variety of seasonally appropriate designs is distinctive, but still accessible and functional. With a KxP subscription, your recipient’s reaction will go from, “oh...socks,” to “cool, socks!” And it’s a reaction that’ll repeat itself every month.


Designed in Canada

KxP celebrates Toronto and, as such, our socks are a canvas for talented local digital designers. Inspiration abounds on the streets whose pavement we pound, and it shows up in our footwear. There’s passion, artistry, and distinctive style in these socks. Wearing them shows off your keen fashion sense, while celebrating homegrown design skill and creativity.


A sock for every season

Every month, KxP helps you stay fashionable without much effort. And it’s not just the socks’ looks that fit with every season. You’ll also receive socks with appropriate fit and fabric, keeping you cozy during the cooler seasons, and breathing comfortably during the sweaty times of year. And who better to know what fits than local designers who know this town best?


Monthly fashion tips

Think of your socks as your clothing foundation (if we literally consider the foundation as being from the ground up). They’re a part of your complete wardrobe, and KxP emphasizes the importance of dressing well from head to toe with style cards that come with each pair of socks. Think of these tips as an inspirational user’s manual for your socks, what to pair them with, and how to complement the rest of your outfit. Learn how to rock a look inspired by the sock pattern.