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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Don’t let your Valentine’s Day card be a pre-printed message with a scribbled



                                                                                       at the bottom.

KxP hired you the best (#bias #wewrotethistoo) writers to be your artful partner in wooing your man. 


This Valentines

When you buy our Signature Gift Box for your special someone, they will also receive a unique and useful shoelace bouquet, and an accompanying hand-written card. So, all that’s left for you to do is Mad Lib the following paragraph for your man:



My ___ (adjective) ___ Valentine,

I got you something just in case you get cold feet.  Use these shoelaces to ___ (fun/sexy verb)___ . Next time I see you, I want you to ___ (tender gesture) ___ me into the ___ (pick a room) ___ wearing what’s in this box–only what’s in this box. See you ___ (date / time) ___ for ___ (food) ___ and ___ (activity) ___.

Your solemate,

___(your name)___



Let your inner Shakespeare come to life! Copy and paste this Mad Lib into “Gift Message” on checkout (and remember to fill in the blanks and take all the credit!)

mad lib love valentines day

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Ashley Klassen

Ashley Klassen