How To Master Office Casual

how to master business casual

We believe a great outfit should take you from work to play seamlessly. While the best looks often look effortless, they are carefully crafted for personal style and environmental considerations. To minimize the effort, stock your wardrobe with these staples:

Staple pieces


Pastel hues and sandy shades are great colours for spring. They can have a casual appearance, or pair them with a contrasting blazer for structural balance and an elevated look.


Ocre brogue, tan oxford, cognac monk strap – you can’t go wrong with a classic shade of brown leather dress shoes. Wear them with a dark wash slim fit denim to polish the look. The King x Portland colour palette always complements warm brown tones and textures.

Blazer or sport coat

A sleek cut tailored blazer or sport coat is the perfect piece that adds sophistication to any look. Let’s assume you’ve equipped your wardrobe with subdued and subtle dress shirts. Your shirt selection serves as the blank canvas on which your blazer completes the look and adds the extra element of style. Keep it classy; Choose an interesting texture or pattern, but pick a classic colour. If you want a bolder colour, pick a simple cut and fabric.

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Style tips:

Accessorize. But don’t over do it. Pieces like your socks, watch, pocket square, tie, are great choices to add style and personality to an outfit. Combining all these options is an art, stick to two if you are aiming for office casual.

Sneakers. We love the sleek street sneak trend. Break out your Adidas and Nike with your ankle cut chinos and pair them with your KxP no show socks. Contrast the casual vibes by ensuring something in your outfit is tailored and classic.

Denim. Pair light wash denim with a sophisticated blazer, and dark denim with polished shoes to ensure your outfit isn’t too casual.

Monochrome. The modern “suit.” Pick a colour and mix different shades and textures.

how to master office casual


Ashley Klassen