6 Ways to Up Your Style Game in 2018

6 Ways to Up Your Style Game in 2018

To be sure, these are all great resolutions. But resolving to refine your fashion sense is easier than you might think, and will leave you with a little more strut in your step. Here are a few tips to amplify your style this year.

Get in better shape! Read more books! Save more money!

6 Ways to Up Your Style Game in 2018


The right cut can go a long way. Getting your pants or shirt tailored to your exact measurements will make them look as if they were stitched from scratch. Learn some key tailoring terms to help you take “off the rack” off the charts:

The seam that binds the length of the inner pant leg. It measures the distance from the bottom crotch to the lower ankle.

Classic collar
The most popular style of shirt collar, with the wings cut straight and pointing downward.

How your pants drape over your shoes.

The excess of folded fabric added to a shirt or pant leg for aesthetic and practical purposes.

Where the fabric of a garment narrows.

“Let it out”
You want more fabric here, for a looser fit with the body.

“Take it in”
You want less fabric here, so it fits closer to the body.


Learn more tailoring terms here.

Find Good Deals

Like our good friend and style icon Radcliffe told us, getting good deals doesn’t mean sacrificing great style. You just need to know when and where to look. For example:

  • January is the best month for buying suits
  • October is your best month to find jeans
  • November and April are good times to look for sneakers
  • Tuesday is the ideal day to get great online deals on men’s apparel

For more tips, check out our style post featuring Radcliffe.

Find Your Style Icon

Imitation is the best form of flattery. And when your imitation flatters you, even better. Taking notes from famously fashionable people — like Radcliffe or noted KxP booster and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau — can help you create a foundation for your own personal style. Once you find your icon, describe them to a style expert at a store like GotStyle. This expert will be able to tailor your icon’s fashion to work for you, creating a distinct style all your own.

6 Ways to Up Your Style Game in 2018

Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Take a good look at all your clothes. You probably notice things you can’t remember ever wearing. Others, you doubt you’ll ever wear again. Part ways, friend. Bring your good stuff to a consignment store to sell and donate the rest. You’ll free up closet space for new attire that highlights your updated style.

Invest in a Signature Piece

You don’t need to dress to the nines all day, every day, to rock a killer style. All it takes is one article of clothing, like a pair of fine leather shoes, or an attractive accessory like a masterfully crafted timepiece. (Of course, a new pair of stylish socks every month can make a bold statement, too.)

6 Ways to Up Your Style Game in 2018

Get a Style Subscription

A service like Cratejoy presents you with a wide variety of monthly subscription boxes to fill out your style repertoire. Looking for dress ties? How about some casual tees? Maybe even a grooming kit for your facial hair? All of these subscriptions can help you stay stylish through the seasons and effortlessly on top of the latest fashions.

Oh, and we’d be remiss if we neglected to mention our subscription offerings.

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