What Your Socks Say About You

what your socks say about you

This is where a statement piece of clothing, like a pair of stylish socks, comes in. Here are a few reasons you should consider what your socks say about you — then dress accordingly.

Small features can define your whole outfit, and how others see you.

Socks show you pay attention to detail.

When you put on a statement piece, it indicates conscious choice and projects an awareness of the smallest details. For such a small part of your wardrobe, a bold pair of socks punches far above its weight class.

People judge a book by its cover.

There’s a reason books have well-designed covers: It takes just a few seconds of looking you over for people to judge whether they want to know more. What signals do you want to send? Recent studies have suggested people associate eccentric socks with high intelligence or creativity; by wearing patterns, you won’t just look like a smart dresser. You’ll look downright smart.


You’ll look the way you want to feel — and act.

When you dress for the part, your body language moves accordingly. A unique look allows you to act more boldly and stand out confidently in a crowd. You’ll project success — however you define it — from the get-go.

Socks show off your personality.

Make a statement before you say a word. Even if you don’t have something to say, showing off a unique pair of socks will do the job for you. (Though it does help to have something to say.)


Socks help you dress differently for different people.

If you’re meeting more traditional business clients, consider socks that give off a more professional vibe. On the other hand, more easygoing clients present a chance to wear more eye-catching clothes. In either case, a varied clothing selection helps you customize your outfit and impress a wide array of people.

Check out our interview with general practitioner Chad Stewart, where he details how and why he chooses his particular work clothes.

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