Closet Organization for Men: Spring Cleaning Edition


A well-organized closet makes getting dressed easier and quicker, plus it gives your clothes room to breathe, making them last longer and look better. Learn our top tips for clearing, cleaning, and decluttering your closet.


Make the most of spring cleaning urges and give your closet a good once-over!


Start From Zero

You need to start with a clean closet slate, so set aside a weekend afternoon and pull everything out of your closet. Literally everything. It’s going to temporarily be very messy, but seeing your empty closet lets you see how much space you’re really working with, and visualize where everything is going to go. Plus, it’s easier than trying to clean around folded clothes.

Reduce + Recycle

Now that your entire wardrobe is out, it’s a great time to take a long, hard look at it. Do you really wear all these clothes? Have you worn them in the past month? Do you have two shirts that are sort of the same? Do you have clothes you’ve been saving for weight loss or a special occasion that never seems to roll around? Be brutal, and get rid of anything that’s just taking up space. 

If you have items that are barely-worn and higher quality, you can try to sell them to a consignment store. Or, donate clothing to a local charity, either through a clothing donation box or with the home pick-up service many charities offer. Just bag it up and they’ll take care of the rest!

Extend this mentality year-round with the hanger trick: hang everything in your closet with the hangers facing one way. When you wear the item, turn the hanger. Then, check your hangers at the end of every month to see which items you’re consistently wearing and which ones you rarely touch.

Use The Right Tools For The Right Job

If you’re lucky to have a fully tricked-out closet with slide-out tie racks and trouser racks, use them! If you don’t have those things built-in, invest in the proper hangers to do the same job. Not only are they designed to keep your clothing wrinkle-free, they also show off your clothing instead of it being balled-up at the back of a drawer, meaning you’ll be more likely to wear it.

Same goes for suits: it comes in a garment bag for a reason, and the reason isn’t ‘so you can get it to destination weddings.’ Store your suit in its garment bag year round to keep it wrinkle-free and protected from dust and light.

Finally, don’t forget your accessories! A shoe rack will keep your shoes clean and off the floor, and shows them off so you can see which ones you’re wearing and which ones are ready to toss. Also, invest in a drawer divider (even a jewelry organizer will work!) to store little things like cufflinks, watches, and pocket squares. These are a great place to store charger cables and headphones, too!


Think Seasonal

KxP is all about seasonality, and that extends beyond our sock designs. Pack seasonal clothes away —for spring cleaning, that would be winter jackets, bulky sweaters, and thermals — to get more closet space. When fall rolls around, pull your winter clothes out of storage and replace them with summer gear, bathing suits, etc. If you don’t have a ton of storage space, try under bed storage boxes/bins to tuck things out of sight (but still accessible in the event of a last-minute beach trip), or think about investing in a monthly storage service like Second Closet.

To fold or to hang

Tee shirts, henleys, and sweaters should be folded to avoid getting pulled out of shape on a hanger. Colour coordination is amazing but not wholly necessary: even just grouping your folded items will make getting dressed quicker. Stack graphic tees with graphic tees, plain tees with plain, patterns with patterns. Button-down shirts and pants can be hung up, and the same applies re: grouping. Plus, master the Saville Row Fold to keep pants on their hangers and wrinkle-free. Jeans are sturdier and harder to wrinkle, so you can hang them if you have the space but they’ll survive being folded.

And please, please, please invest in real hangers. Wire hangers are a necessary dry cleaner evil, and should never find a home in your closet.

Freshen up your sock drawer

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