5 Canadian Subscription Boxes That Are Hidden Gems


We’re as proud to offer subscription boxes of stylish socks as we are to be a Canadian company.

And we’re just as excited about other Canadian subscription boxes, too. Here are some of our favourite businesses that ship great offerings from the Great White North to fans all over the world.


Monthly Watch Club

Build a fashionable watch collection with a new timepiece every month. Simply subscribe for the plan you want, starting from $33 CDN ($25 US), and you’ll receive a new watch showcasing the hottest styles on the 1st of every month. Watches from manufacturers around the world will arrive, offering you the perfect complement to your wide-ranging style, covering the techy, military, contemporary and more.


The Roasters Pack

Get roasted every month when you subscribe to The Roasters Pack. Each issue includes roasts from three different artisanal coffee roasters. Shipping is free, valve bags are used to ensure optimum freshness, and subscribers get access to videos, photographs, and interviews with the roasters, helping cultivate a deeper appreciation of each new batch of beans.


Canada Craft Club

With Canada in the midst of a beer renaissance, we can’t show enough love for Canada Craft Club. Customize your subscription package, and CCC’s beer experts will curate a monthly selection of hard-to-find brews that will satisfy your curiosity and palate. They’ll also help you geek out with detailed tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and brewery information.

Drink up!


Chefs Plate

Take grocery shopping off your to-do list when you subscribe to the selection of delicious original recipes from Chefs Plate. Their service delivers fresh ingredients to your door in refrigerated boxes every week, taking the hassle out of preparing nutritious meals. With locally-sourced ingredients, you can also take pride that you’re supporting Canadian food producers, too.



What can we say? Cratejoy just picked us as one of their Top 9 Canadian Subscription Boxes! Every month, you get a new pair of stylish socks that add a little flair to your wardrobe. And in a country with as many distinctive seasons as ours, each month will see the arrival of socks that fashionably reflect the time of year in both look and feel.

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